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  1. Madonna says:

    Hi Karin,
    This is fabulous. What an amazing testimonial.

    I seem to be lost for words.


    • Karin Davidson Karin says:

      Thanks Madonna, I will pass your wonderful words along to her. I’m so glad she was willing to help others with her story. – Karin

  2. Vera says:

    Hi Karin,
    I love her down to earth explanation of this stupid thing we are all so passionate about! Wonderfully described. Would you ask the author if she would allow us to translate it to Spanish for our website, please?

  3. Hi Karin
    I love the story,– can i copy it and credit you or send them to your site. tks.

  4. Deb says:

    With tapping, is there ever an insight/explanation to provide focus for what the individual’s life perspective is centered on?

    Beyond the functionality and tasks of a life’s “purpose”, which is what you “do” as your spiritual purpose, what is the essence of WHY and WHO you are … and should bother to continue to be?

    Can tapping bring this insight?

    • Karin Davidson Karin says:

      The simple answer is “yes.” Tapping clears negative energy. So it can clear emotional reactions to past events, it can open up paths to all kinds of things – whether that is “why do I hate her” to “what is my purpose?” Usually, however, you can’t find your “purpose” until you’ve cleared the effects of negative learnings. That’s a big job to do on your own but it is possible. Lots of people choose to find an EFT practitioner to help. but you can start on your own with But the really big stuff? – get a practitioner – even a doctor wouldn’t operate on themselves! There is an even more powerful EFT technique called Matrix Reimprinting. You can find out more about that at

  5. Rex Jantze says:

    I would like to suggest that another reason for the temporary relief and/or slow is a lack of mindfulness and resilience toward the issue being challenged and transmuted by EFT.
    Take depression: I defeated depression not just though using EFT but by anchoring myself to remember to notice throughout the day when depressed mood swings (or anger, anxiety, any non-resourceful feeling) would begin, challenging the feeling as nothing more than a conditioned state of my past triggered by an external environmental cue (a deep part of my old personality as a remembered sequence of emotional strategies,) releasing the the negative feeling with EFT (and another energy-psy trick in my toolbox) and then demonstrating a new feeling (a little help from simple NLP processes), giving the fifty trillion cells of my body the “all clear” signal for that cue. I understood that even my drifting thoughts were environmental cues for the subconscious body to respond. This is the mindfulness part.
    It was like doing a personal peace process as an active daily task, and it became like a game. I decided not to trust any feeling that was negative, even if I “believed” the circumstance warranted it. This was the resilience part. I would tell myself that the story in my head I was just making up (true according to neuroscience,) and then do the EFT to release it. After a couple weeks I can remember waking one morning and I knew it was done. I had demonstrated enough new internal strategies and sequences of good chemistry for it to rearrange and express itself on its own. I knew I had more work to do, but the new expression of self as a joyful being was emerging on its own, which is what it naturally does. Albeit it took some knowledge and information from my fascination with neuroplasticity, endocrinology, and even epigenetics (Read or watch anything by Joe Dispenza, Candace Pert, Bruce Lipton–all enthusiasts of EFT by the way!)) to understand what it was I was doing to demonstrate depression, or the skill and mastery of expressing the neurochemistry of depression (or anxiety, or anger, etc) as a personality. Thus the science helped give me “permission” to unlearn my old self and recreate a new self, and EFT was the tool I turned to to transmute those old subconscious strategies. A change in diet and exercise only improved and enhanced my transformation. Since my old personality was carrying the “story” of who I thought I was as series of triggers and responses, I chose to acknowledge and embrace “no story” as a neutral foundation to release from, and the new story of myself emerged on its own.

    • Karin Davidson Karin says:

      Hi Rex,
      This is wonderful. One of the most difficult things with CFS, or bipolar, or depression is to get the body and field to STOP projecting negative. We actually need to PRACTICE the positive. It’s a habit to immediately start thinking of the negative as soon as a positive is thought. Not to mention the Law of Attraction! It’s like getting good at anything, you have to practice!

      My clients don’t want to “force” themselves to think the positive when it’s just NOT TRUE… but it could be true, just like you say…. it’s a game. So play the game to win!

      Much Support,

  6. Susan says:

    How do I use EFT for other people? Can it be done? I know I can use The Healing Codes for other people is EFT the same?
    Thank you!!!

  7. Brenda Hansen says:

    Hi Karin – I’m wondering under what circumstances you would say that EFT is more effectively applied alone than Matrix Reimprinting, or vice versa. Do you see limitations on either?

    • Karin Davidson Karin says:

      Absolutely Trauma as number one for Matrix Reimprinting. With EFT, you have to take the person through the bad thing again and tap down each aspect as you go along – you don’t need to do this with MR. I see EFT as an emotions regulator… Calm down so you can think. It’s also great for self-help because it’s immediate and easy. I use Matrix Reimprinting to change negative patterns, themes, repetitive issues, etc – anything that is reactive to a learned trigger. I actually have a great explanation of this from a recent client that I am getting permission from to post here on my blog…

  8. Margaret says:

    I did not hear about this on time. Came into it 30 minutes late………Replayed?

    • Karin Davidson Karin says:

      Yes – it is available to listen to and to download if you want to put it on some kind of player for when you drive or excercise…. itunes has it too.

      • Jan says:

        suppose I’m overlooking, but I don’t see where on this page the link is to the replay. So, please..

        • Karin Davidson Karin says:

          It’s box on this page that you just hit play – it takes a second to load but you should see the little “play” arrow… please let me know if you don’t see it.

  9. Dena says:

    Extremely helpful discussion of similarities and differences btn EFT and MR. So happy about Karin’s radio show. Valuable info for free. A true blessing.

  10. Sue says:

    This site has arrived at my doorstep at the right time. I have just finished the Matrix course with Karl Dawson and so am so grateful to keep on listening more and more…thank you Karin….very enjoyable interview.

    • Karin Davidson Karin says:

      That’s terrific! Glad you listened – hope to bring lots more great Matrix Reimprinting nuances to the show. Welcome to the team!

  11. Bàrbara says:

    Thank you so much both, Karin and Ann, I have been struggling, so to speak, long time trying to understand how was it possible to “change” the situation, and although I read already quite a lot about Matrix I could never find how this was possible as personally, I thought that it seemed weird for me. Now, changing the “perception” on it, is completely different and I am very very grateful for all this explanation and the discussion. I would be very greateful for more information about this difference.

    • Karin Davidson Karin says:

      One step at a time… you may have a block that needs to be cleared. I often say this: You’ve played board games, right? If you play Monopoly, you [lay by the rules of the game. If you don’t play by the rules, you can’t play. But it’s just a game. So pretend Matrix Reimprinting is a game – just play by the rules. Just pretend. Then it doesn’t matter if it’s weird or not. It’s just the rules that work for this game. Just pretend. How cool is that? There are free training videos at

  12. elaine says:

    Hi Karin,

    Thanks for making the replay available – good stuff! I’m stuck tho how to download. I’m familiar with right clicking on the title but I don’t get the “save as”. I purchased your training program and had the same kind of problem but you gave me a quick solution:). Elaine

  13. Karin, I like it very much! tks

  14. Hilton Flo says:

    Thank-you for the pictures and the inspiration … I try to text a positive Thought of the Day to my kids and their spouses every morning . It is important to stay connected in a positive way every day! Thank-you for sharing your adventures with us … Life is one big adventure! Go out and explore!

  15. Brad says:

    A great answer to a couple of tough questions! And a great reminder to those of us who do tap into our intuition on a regular basis.

  16. Terri Weeks says:

    I was so happy to read about Jerry’s experience.I was there at the course and saw most of his session but had to leave before the end. I was most impressed with Matrix and could see results in the “little t” trauma work that I did with Karin but now I have great confidence that I can heal my PTSD as well. Thanks Jerry and thanks Karin.

  17. lotus says:

    Dear Karen,
    what an interesting insightful experience.
    You handled that very well and it is interesting how your form of intuition came into play when they were speaking about their form, rather like how some folk are more auditorily focused and others more visually. Is not a lot of intuition almost a whisper, even silent although we perceive it as some kind of audio experience, whilst other times we get a picture, a visual glimpse.
    It seems these folk look at the same thing in a different way, they are focused on developing what we call intuition to a greater degree perhaps than ourselves in general. Yet is it so different.
    What came to mind was all these places like phone in TV, where you are meant to be talking to a psychic and yet how does anyone know it’s for real. You on the other hand were with such folk and they innocently asked you questions related to their perceptual experiences. That seems much more ‘real’ to me.
    In my vocational work I have met a few natural psychics. They are not professional in that they do not advertise it or get paid for it yet they have an extraordinary skill that comes out in their private life or occasionally they are needed.
    I would define vocational work as what one is drawn to intuitionally whether one is paid or not and it usually is some kind of service
    as EFT could well be described as.
    You can see the difference between career and vocation in some Drs
    the careerist and the one whose hearts are in it.
    There is one Dr who almost exclusively uses EFT nowadays, who I would see as a good example.
    thank you for such an insightful post really enjoyed it.
    I hope you will share more on how these weekends go.

  18. Jenny says:

    such a great story, Jerry, so happy for you.

  19. Frances Soda says:

    No accidents are there Karin? I would love to hear about your experience with this group.

  20. Dr Benoit G. Bastien says:

    I am most pleased to read of your healing successes Jerry as I was one of the level two participants, who bear hugged you with JOY after your breakthrough moment in Concord NH with Ingrid last Sept 2011. Every Knight, in service to the common good, requires someone skilled in removing and repairing ones damaged armor after battle, so to be freed to rest and then to rise prepared for the next conquest. Karin is skilled.

  21. Dr Benoit G. Bastien says:

    I was recently in Cassadaga Florida at the Spiritualist Camp and got to blend some Eft and spiritual healing techniques. It was great to get all the validation on the emotional release on a physical, mental, spirit and soul level. Psychics are very sensitive individuals on all levels.
    Most people wonder about those who hear voices and speak back to the voice until they experience the simple truths in the messages the mediums convey to their clients.

  22. Looking forward to hearing Dr. Pat’s interview and
    tapping session; please send me the link
    thank you

  23. Karen Basciano-Ireland says:

    I had participated in the recent Matrix training in Toronto and had the privilege of witnessing this wonderfully skillful and profoundly moving experience and testimonial to the power of EFT and Matrix Imprinting. Jerry, again thank you for allowing our training group to learn more about the methodology and power of Matrix Re-Imprinting through your brave and heartfelt experience. Your presence at the workshop was greatly appreciated and your wisdom and innate compassion and sensitivity are truly gifts. Thank you again, Karen

  24. joanne says:

    Hi Karin, thankyou both for this great interview, always good to hear and listen to your demos.
    Joanne x

  25. lynn says:

    I’d love to hear the interview with Sasha but not sure I’ll be up at 10PM (we’re on PST). will it be available as a podcast?

  26. Patricia Carlson says:

    You do not state what time zone your 10 pm program is. Please clarify. Thanks!

  27. voyance says:

    I really like looking through an article that will make people think. Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

  28. Kathy says:

    Hi Karin,
    I have listened to all on this site and thoroughly enjoyed all of it. The item with Pat Carrington will not play, is there a reason why, maybe removed from the site.
    I have been trained for Level 1 and 2, but I am really stuck, I was hoping you could contact me with some help. I did not want to air it to everyone.

  29. Betty says:

    Hello Karin, I´m very glad I got to read your post, even if it´s a couple of years later….I am starting to use EFT because I suffer from anxiety; I know several things that are causing this anxiety and now I know that I have to work with each issue separately.

    Still I have some questions on the tapping itself since I have seen different ways of doing it, some use the gama point, others don´t. Some use additional tapping points (head, under the chest, fingers, wrists…9 and others don´t…How can I know which is the best way?

    Thank you again for this information, I´m really looking forward into feeling so much better and without this anxiety.

    Regards, Betty

    • Karin Davidson Karin Davidson says:

      As long as you are tapping, there’s really no “best way” Extra points are great but every point helps. Here’s some free videos:

    • Karin Davidson Karin Davidson says:

      The more points you use the better. And the gamut point is very important, so don’t leave that one out. (fingers can be all tapped by tapping the wrists together back of one wrist to the front of the other if you don’t want to go through all the fingers)

  30. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for this great article. Just what I needed to improve on my tapping.

  31. Katherine says:

    And worth every bit of the $125! God bless you and the work you do! Your story inspires me to continue on and to dig deeper into EFT. Thank you!

  32. Jondi says:

    Great article and subject and testimonial, too, Karin! Kudos all around!
    It’s an important and common misperceptions that Arafat is a ‘magic bullet’ and this surely helps dispel that notion. Well done!

  33. katie says:

    Thanks for the awesome article Karin. I am a total newbie at tapping and also very rigid in my thinking (autistic trait). So when you say “tap one aspect only” and “tap on everything” my mind explodes. Do you mean you can tap about more than one issue in a day (eg over-eating and being constantly annoyed), but for each issue, break it down and deal with only one aspect of the issue at a time (ie. overeating = comfort, then habit, then self-sabotage; annoyance = feeling out of control, then stress, then whatever the next aspect is around that issue). I hope this makes sense!

    • Karin Davidson Karin Davidson says:

      The second is correct. You can tap on any issue but one issue at a time and one aspect of that issue at a time. so you are correct (ie. overeating = comfort, then habit, then self-sabotage; annoyance = feeling out of control, then stress, then whatever the next aspect is around that issue)

  34. katie says:

    How many times a day do you recommend tapping and how long should you tap for? So I am starting to tap re overeating. Do I tap about it once a day? Or when I feel like I want to eat? Should I keep tapping on it until my eating habits are healthy and I feel that there is something more important that needs to be tapped on (I assume this may take months / years to resolve as I took years to get this way).

    • Karin Davidson Karin Davidson says:

      Tapping when you feel like you want to eat is very good. Tap on each emotion one at a time that you feel is connected to what you feel when you want to eat. You can tap as many times a day that you want. Tap until the aspect you are tapping on reaches a zero. If it doesn’t get to a zero, it means there is another aspect in the way so you may have to do that one first and go back to the first one. this is why it’s a good idea to take notes. also as you tap, events in your past might come to memory. Write those down and then do the Movie Technique/Tell the Story technique on those. You can find that at

  35. Kris says:

    Really appreciate you sharing this article. Much obliged.

  36. Peggy J Mangan says:

    I’m very interested in your process, Karin. I’ve been trying to get off ssri’s for six months.


  37. Kate Castrogiovanni says:

    What an excellent account of hope! I was told by AN EFT Trainer recently that I may not be a candidate for EFT. That depression can be near impossible to work with. It was suggested that I may have the potential to be a good practitioner but not a good client. It worked to get me through the 8th day of training but looking back I realize the surrender that came with that statement. Yep, another technique that seemed so promising and I’ve come (literally) so far to be told this won’t work for me! I really am broken and I always will be and I will have to learn to live with this because I can’t be fixed. I officially can’t be fixed. I’ve been dealing with clinical depression since I was 13 years old. I’m a pretty positive person and at 36 it’s gotten really really really OLD! I KNOW in my heart I can heal and be well and I have faith that this IS the ticket for me. I just am looking for the right people/person to guide me along. I am also looking to share with others and have done some already in conjunction with my massage practice. Is there any way to be in contact with Kari for more guidance? I’d sure appreciate it!! Thank you both for sharing this beautiful day of hope!!

  38. Mitsko says:

    Karin, did you do this all by yourself? Amazing story…

  39. Mary Charles Blakebrough says:

    Thank you, Karin, for the blog post above listing things we could inquire about. I would like to book an hour on Skype with Sharon and will contact you at email you listed. I live in Durham, North Carolina, and am working way too slowly on EFTU – EFT-INT certification with Alina Frank. I have Matrix Reimprinting certification through Rob Nelson last April.
    Mary Charles (named for both grandparents on one side of family)

  40. Christine says:

    Hi Karen. I actually live in Toronto and would love to see Sharon in person here. Can you provide her name and contact info please and thank you. I have been looking for someone local with this talents and know others who would also be very interested in working with her.

  41. Naomi Collins says:

    I live in Autralia, are healings and readings available via skype and if so how much in Australian dollars?

    Thanks so much

    Kind Regards


  42. susan santy says:

    I would love to have a back to back session with Sharon. Please let me know what days et times are available

    Thanks Susan

  43. Fran Soda says:

    I would like to book a session with Sharon for mid-back pain. Self-tested for cause. Got 20 years old. I was pregnant with my first child. In past life lost a baby. May all be nothing.

    Pain is recently improving. I am open to any help from Sharon.

    Thank you,

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